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May 03, 2010


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Marty - I was just watching the videos Sheri posted and thinking about how it is to see this in real life many times over the years, then see it thru the screen in a place I'd love to be. Not to mention that it's where so many of my music friends are, whether friends I know or just get to listen to every day. I've been praying that everyone is safe and finds a dry place to be. Reading this after seeing the videos gave me an interesting perspective, because while Iowa is getting a pretty fair share of spring showers lately, we’re actually staying a bit dryer than I would expect after all the snow this winter.

But it all just makes me think about the birthing pains of this earth we live on - watch & pray for we do not know the hour. Matthew 24...

My prayers to all in and around Music City....Corey


It was interesting getting update tweets, photos, and video links from Sheri, Spence Smith and retweets from Adrienne Camp on Saturday regarding the flood. I've never had the opportunity to go to the Nashville area, but what I've seen it looks pretty when it's not under water. It good to here that so many of you are safe and have not had issues except for how to get around town even though many of your fellow Nashvillians have a fair amount of water damage. Been praying for all of you down there and for those that are trying to get back in after being on the road while this all happened.

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OMG! That's a really bad flood! Hope you got the mess cleaned up before mold set in. Even spores in the air blowing in to your home can cause problems.

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